Error: Unknown Error, Unhappy Face Image

The error will be received when attempting to complete a measurement. 

If the error is received, please confirm the following:

1. Glass screen of the device is clean and clear of residue. You can clean the glass screen of the device with isopropyl alcohol. 

2. White calibration puck is clean and not dirty or skewed. Feel free to snap a photo and send to Tech Support at support@purplscientific to confirm if the condition of the white puck looks good or not.

3. The sample being loaded is dried and cured and not too wet.

4. Up to date on firmware to version 0.16.0. Article on how to check the firmware status.

Clean the device and calibration puck and try re-calibrating and taking another measurement. The device may need the 10 second reset as well. Instructions on resetting the device below.

If the condition of the white puck appears to be pristine and the device is up to date on firmware, please contact Tech Support for further assistance at and submit a ticket.