Purpl Pro Device

Clean the glass window of the Purpl Pro with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Sample Holder 

Clean the sample holder bench with the brush included in the Purpl Pro Kit. Use Isopropyl Alcohol if needed.

Grinder Base

Clean the SLX Grinder Base and Funnel with the brush included in the Purpl Pro Kit. Use Isopropyl Alcohol if needed. 

For the Storz & Bickel Orange Grinder do not immerse any plastic components in alcohol for longer than half an hour. Prolonged contact with isopropyl alcohol can lead to color changes or embrittlement of the plastic parts. Clean these parts with warm rinsing water.


Calibration White Puck

Wipe the Calibrator White Puck gently with a microfiber cloth. If not calibrating the device, it's good practice to immediately put the cover back on. If the calibration module becomes dirty or skewed it can have an effect on the measuring stage.