This section describes how to reset a Purpl PRO device.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings and unpair the Device. (Never use your phone's Bluetooth menu to pair the Device with your phone--the app does this automatically).
  2. Switch off your phone's Bluetooth transmitter
  3. Stop the mobile application completely. (Close/Swipe the application from the application drawer).
  4. With the Device switched on (Both LEDs flash blue when powering on), hold the Top Power Button for 10 seconds, until both LEDs flash red. Keep holding and don't let up until the LEDs flash red consecutively for a second time.
  5. Start the Mobile Application and power back on and reconnect the device through the My Devices page.

Please Note: Battery LED may flash yellow and Bluetooth flash red in between the simultaneous red flashes. Don't let up on the power button till both LEDs flash red twice.

Video on device reset tutorial below---> Reset the Purpl PRO.mp4