If a Purpl Pro is purchased through Purpl Scientific, Inc. directly from the webshop at getpurpl.com, a 30 Day Return policy is guaranteed if you are able to provide the following documentation and certain criteria are met. However, if a Purpl Pro Kit is purchased from a distributor or reseller, then you will need to reach out to said reseller directly to request a refund upon return.

 If you'd like to request a refund for a purchased kit please provide the following:

- Order Number 

- Copy of receipt or email confirmation

- Reason for wish of return

Please note: The kit being returned will need to be thoroughly cleaned to the best of your abilities. If the Purpl Pro has sustained damage that is unable to be fixed then a refund will unfortunately unable to be processed. 

Purpl Support will email a prepaid Return Shipping label for you to send back the complete kit. Once received by Purpl and inspected, the team will provide you with an update on the condition. If all appears well, then the refund will be initiated back on the payment method that was utilized during check out on the Purpl webshop.

For International Customers, please note:

If custom duties & fees were paid, you are able to submit a claim directly with the Shipping Carrier utilized to receive a refund back. Purpl is unable to provide a refund on any paid shipping custom duties & fees. An application for refund must be made within six months from the date of order of clearance of goods.

You will need a "Shipping Broker". If UPS was utilized, they are able to act as said Shipping Broker. 

The following documents will be required:

- Contract and or Purchase Order of good(s)- IE: Order confirmation email or proof of purchase from the webshop.

- Credit certificate from central excise authorities- IE: proof of payment of duties & fees to shipping carrier upon delivery of good(s)

- Order in original/in revision/in appeal/any other order- IE: proof of original purchase 

- Short delivery certificates from custodian- IE: proof of delivery from shipping carrier

- Short shipment certificate from the supplier- IE: proof of initial shipment from the supplier's side

- Insurance claim settlement certificate- requested supplied by shipping carrier

- Technical write up/literature on product- IE: data sheet or product description provided by Purpl

- Certificate or original- IE: documentation provided by Purpl providing initial product purchase

- Letter of authorization from the buyer in case the application is an agent

- Any other document considered necessary in support of the claim

Payment of refund claims:

Refund claims are normally paid to the claimants under the following circumstances:

1. If the claimant has not passed on the incidence of duty or interest to any other person.

2. If the buyer is an individual who uses the goods personally.