Anyone can sign up for the beta testing of the new Purpl App Version 1. Please follow the instructions below for downloading the app for Android. 

The app can be downloaded two ways) Firebase Distribution or through the Google Playstore via QR Code or Link.

Instructions on how to download for android via Google Playstore with QR Code or Link

Step 1) Use the QR-Code below or download the app from the link: 

Step 2) You'll be routed to the following page if not installed yet. Click on the download it on Google Playstore Link.

Step 3) Click the Open link.

Step 4) Once opened, you'll be routed to the login page of the app. You'll want to click login. 

******See instructions further down below once app has been downloaded and ready to login.******

Instructions on how to download for android via Firebase App Distribution

Step 1) Android users will be sent an email inviting you to test the Purpl Pro.

Subject Line: You've been invited to test PurplPro for Anroid. 

Open the link on your mobile phone. The invitation is valid for 30 Days. "Click the Get Started" hyper link the email highlighted in blue.

Step 2) Follow the prompts in the email and accept invitation. Click the download button at the very bottom of the page. You will be downloading the Fire Base Beta Application.

Step 3) Once download has been clicked, you'll receive the notification that the download has started.

Step 5) You'll receive the following prompt from Chrome in regards to settings. Click the settings link and slide the toggle to allow downloads from "Chrome" under the settings page.

Step 6) Once allowed, the following prompt for "App Tester" will appear. You'll want to click "Install" to proceed.

Step 7) Once installed you'll be prompted to sign in to the "Fire App Distribution App Tester" sign in with your google account.

Step 8) Once signed into the App Tester you'll be routed to the following page. Click the "Start testing on this device"


Step 9) Nex you will be routed back to the Purpl Pro app page with all the versions listed. Click on the latest version 1.0 (75) and click install. Once installed you'll receive a prompt stating "Purpl Pro" with blue and white icon. Click the install button. Once installed you can click the "Open" button or find the app on your home page.

******See instructions further down below once app has been downloaded and ready to login.******

Instructions for once the app is downloaded and ready to login

Step 1) On the login page of the app, you'll be prompted to sign in (with google or microsoft acccont) and be routed to the "Spe,prp,dev" login prompt. Click continue. From there you'll want to accept the license and you'll will then be automatically logged into the app.

Step 2) Once logged in, you'll receive the following pop up, asking for the PurplPro to find, connect to, and determine position of nearby devices. You'll want to click allow.

Step 3) The following screenshot is of the home page. Be sure the device is powered on in order to pair in app. If not powered on properly or bluetooth activated, Step 1 of Connect the device will be highlighted orange and state no device detected. 


Step 4) Once you click on Step 1 or The Devices Tab at the bottom, you'll be routed to the "Devices" Page. On this page you'll see all the devices available for you to utilize. If it states "detected" then the device is connected via  Bluetooth properly. 

Step 5) Select the device you want to utilize. Once selected, you'll see a check mark next to the Serial Number and it will state "Selected". 

**Please note, you no longer need to register and de-register the device in app. If multiple individuals will be utilizing the same device, you no longer need to de-register for a user to login with their own credentials on their phone to then register the device to their account. **

Step 6) Once the device has been selected, you will then be directed to choose which product you'd like to utilize to test. You can select by clicking the Products Icon at the bottom of the page or from the home page of the app which is Step 2.

**Please Note: At this time the distillate product includes only the ethanol/methanol based extract at this time. We have not added the Super Critical CO2, European Hash, or Flower Beta**

Step 7) Once the product/model has been selected, you will then need to calibrate the device if it's for the first time or has been over a week since you last calibrated. You'll receive a pop up message stating that "Calibration is overdue" if calibration is required before measuring.