This article will take you step by step through the recommended sample preparation for Ethanol and Supercritical CO2 Distillate potency testing on the Purpl Pro.

1) Gather required supplies:

- oil/distillate sample

- X-Plate(s) (metal pc)

- X- Cap(s)- dish with glass center only, other pc can be disposed of

- Heat Gun/Oven/Preferred Heating method

- Spatula or Applicator 

- Iso alcohol 

- Sharpie 

2) Place each distillate sample in the order you plan on testing them. Using a sharpie, write the associated sample number on the bottom of the metal X-Plate. 

3) Use a "spatula" to butter or load the sample on to the metal X-Plate. 700mg recommended sample size. Place the pea size sample into the well of the X-Plate.

4) Heat the sample. Use a heat gun, hot plate etc. to melt the sample . 

If using an oven, warm in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes at 120 degrees C or 248 degrees F and then use the spatula to load the sample into the X-Plate well.

5) Once heated, make sure the well is filled with distillate and there no visible air bubbles. 

6) Place the plastic X-Cap over the filled well while still warm. You'll hear a "pop" noise when the cap locks into place. Be sure not to touch the center of the glass piece on the cap. The X-Cap should be flushed against the metal plate. 

7) The sample is fully prepared and ready to run once the plastic holder is fully seated and no air bubbles can be seen in the distillate.

8) Clean the spatula or applicator off completely and repeat till all samples are prepped or ready to measure if only testing one sample.

9) Once done testing, be sure to clean the X-Plate and Cap before re-use.