This article explains how to set up a new account using either a Web Browser on a PC, or using the Purpl PRO App. 

When you set up a new account,  you'll be prompted to verify your email address from the link sent your inbox. This is a safety protocol. Emails are automatically verified within the system once created however. You can go ahead and follow the prompt and verify the account for safe measure. Check your spam or promotions folder if you don't see it in your Inbox. You may also need to add the email as trusted user within your system. 

The email/password combination is used to log into the Portal, where you can see all saved measurements, and export them as a spreadsheet. It's also used to log in to the Purpl PRO App.

Open the Purpl PRO App
Go to

Click on the "Register" link.
Notice that the Log In button has changed to a Register button.
Enter a working email address and a password.
The website should notify you that the account was created, and that you to verify the email address. Emails are automatically verified within the system. So if you don't receive the verification link you should still be able to login.
Go to your email inbox and look for the message titled "Please Verify Your Account." Clink on the "Verify" link, or copy/paste the full address into a browser.
You should receive a message that your address was verified.

Use the same email/password combination to sign into the Purpl PRO App, and register your device on the "My devices" tab.