The Purpl PRO App is available in both Google's Play Store, and the Apple App Store.

Search for "Purpl" or use the following links:

Google Play Store, Android: 

Apple App Store, iOS:

Once the App is downloaded and installed, use the following instructions:

1. Start the App
Tap the small text that says "Register" above the Login Button.

The Login Button will become the Register Button
Enter your email address (this will be your login) and a strong password. The password must include three of the four following: Uppercase, lowercase, digit, symbol.

Press Register. You will be immediately logged into the Purpl PRO App.
The system will send you a confirmation email titled "Please verify your account."

Remember to login to your email and confirm it.
If you lose your account credentials, they can be recovered through the following link:

or fill out a support ticket at: