Purpl Scientific has released a firmware fix to improve device battery life. 

The device does lose charge over time, even when the device is off. Initially, we thought that the device would be used mostly while plugged in. Our aim was to provide enough charge for a working day (with the expectation that the device would be plugged in at the end of the day). User feedback consistently requested better battery life. Thankfully, we were able to improve it, and release it to you!

While the battery still loses charge over time, the device should hold a charge for longer than 1 - 2 days.

To complete the update, download the Instructions, the firmware file (.enc) and the updater (.exe). You will need your Purpl PRO's USB cable and a windows based computer.

NOTE: Please run the executable (SEFW_updater.exe) "as an administrator" by right clicking the icon and selecting "Run as adminstrator."